Abbey Lecture Friday 14 September Shaftesbury Arts Centre 7.30pm

Jonathan_FoyleArchitectural historian Jonathan Foyle returns to give a richly illustrated lecture on:

Shaftesbury Abbey- Mary’s Paradise Garden
Some of the stones and tiles of the lost Shaftesbury Abbey display medieval images, fragments of what represents a visual language. They include roses and fleurs-de-lys. What are they trying to tell us? What can we recover of the experience of those who knew the great church and its monastery? The key lies in the abbey’s part-dedication to the Virgin Mary. This talk explains the findings from several years of groundbreaking research on how imagery conjured the notion of heaven on earth, through looking closely at some outstanding examples of Marian works of art from the eleventh to the sixteenth centuries. The conclusion explains how the Tudor rose came to be coined- well before the Tudor reign.
Tickets from SAC Box Office 01747 854321 £12 £10 FoSA & Students.

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