Lecture ‘Britain’s Pagan Heritage’ Professor Ronald Hutton Wed 30 May

We are delighted to welcome back Professor Ronald Hutton to give our spring lecture ‘Britain’s Pagan Heritage’. He is a leading authority on the political and religious history of the British Isles and on ancient and medieval paganism and witchcraft.

Professor Hutton has a long career as a broadcaster and has written, presented and hosted various programmes on radio and television, well-known as a brilliantly entertaining and informative speaker.History Professor at the University of Bristol, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and of the Society of Antiquaries, Ronald Hutton is the author of numerous publications, including a string of books dealing with historical paganism, folklore and contemporary Paganism in Britain.

In ‘Pagan Britain’ he draws on archaeological and historical evidence to examine the remarkable and often enigmatic evidence for ancient beliefs, rituals and practices in the British Isles. His talk will encompass a critical review of the known and sometimes shadowy rituals and beliefs in the British Isles from early prehistory to the advent of Christianity, charting what we know of human spirituality across some 30,000 years.

Ron Hutton“Britain is home to one of the largest and most varied collections of evidence for pre-Christian religious belief and ritual in the whole of Europe, and perhaps the greatest of all. This talk is designed to explain what that evidence is, and examine the problem of how to interpret it, with special reference to the most famous of all prehistoric monuments, Stonehenge, and one of the most celebrated an enigmatic of ancient British artefacts, the bog body called Lindow Man.”

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