‘The Art of Politics in 13th Century English Great Churches’


Dr Jonathan Foyle Thursday 28 September 7.30pm

Shaftesbury Arts Centre (Bar open for drinks from 6.30pm)

 Dr Jonathan Foyle is quite obsessed by historic buildings. From an immersive career in conservation, research and curating, he is fortunate to have found ways to share many discoveries and insights into our ancestors’ experiences. He is an award-winning BBC broadcaster, writes regularly for the Financial Times Weekend, presents multi-media interpretations at fascinating historic sites, and has explained the wonders of the historic environment to audiences from America to Australia.

“In 2015, England celebrated 800 years of Magna Carta. Beyond heralding the legal importance of the document, little has been said about the consequences of 1215 in the designs of the great early Gothic cathedrals then rising across the nation, which were subject to many revisions. The speaker’s recent research contributes to new thinking on what these changes represented. This talk explores the politics of church and state in the thirteenth century and their unfolding expression in the arts of Canterbury, Salisbury, Peterborough (then an abbey), Wells, Lincoln and Lichfield cathedrals, and the royal palace and abbey complex at Westminster.”

Tickets available from SAC 01747 854321 and Shaftesbury TIC 01747 853514

Adults £12, Students and FoSA £10

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